The defendant for the bankruptcy of CCB, who is hiding in Belgrade, is also wanted with a European Arrest Warrant in the Schengen Information System. Tsvetan Vasilev, who is on trial for the bankruptcy of Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB), is again wanted by Interpol. The request for this was sent to the International Criminal Police Organization by the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office a few days ago, "Trud News" learned from police sources.

This happened after Sofia City Prosecutor's Office took action to bring Vasilev to justice for two more crimes related to "money laundering" from the bankrupt CCB. The Prosecutor's Office refused an official comment, but did not deny the renewed request for the international wanted Vasilev.

The new search request also coincides with the Prosecutor's Office's revelations that Tsvetan Vasilev, Krasimir Kamenov-Karo and other persons are involved in a large-scale conspiracy to discredit senior magistrates and police officers with the aim of their subsequent removal. In a series of interviews, Tsvetan Vassilev confirmed that in the last year he hired new lobbyists to represent him in the US.

Media revelations indicate that Vassilev even paid $350,000 to one of his American lobbyists in an attempt to have the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev included in a sanctions list by the US administration. However, such a move is impossible, since the US would not allow itself to fulfill the demands of defendants for serious crimes, for which Vassilev has been accused since 2014.

Moreover, from a number of public sources, and statements of Vassilev himself, as well as of the sanctioned under the Magnitsky Act leader of the Russophiles in our country - Nikolay Malinov, it can be concluded that Tsvetan Vasilev's stay in the Serbian capital would not have been possible without the official support of Russian special services and Russian oligarchs such as Konstantin Malofeev.

The new declaring of Tsvetan Vassilev wanted by Interpol with red notice has not been made public yet. For years, the International Criminal Police Organization has had a practice of publishing a small number of wanted persons. At the same time, however, the new request of the Bulgarian authorities blocks Vassilev's ability to travel abroad, because if he uses his legal documents, he will be caught at the first border check and can be detained.

It is expected that very soon, in connection with the renewed declaring of Vassilev international wanted the Bulgarian Prosecution will send a new extradition request to the authorities in Serbia, which, after years of refusing to return the accused former banker, finally granted him political asylum.

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