Mafia, oligarchs and politicians are uniting to destroy the Prosecution; I will stay in my post and wait for these people to go to prison. This was stated to BGNES by the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev on the occasion of the initiated pre-trial proceedings for an organized criminal group, the purpose of which is to discredit and remove senior magistrates and police officers.

According to media reports, KTB bankruptcy defendant Tsvetan Vassilev paid $350,000 to an American lobbyist to get Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Act.

“I am insulted because the Bulgarian Prosecutor General has been evaluated so cheaply. There is clearly not much of the depositors’ money left in Corporate Commercial Bank. If I have to say beyond a joke, it doesn’t surprise me.

You saw the communication between the Romanian wanted by Interpol – Ovidiu Semenescu, the defendant Tsvetan Vasilev, the convicted and now accused and detained, Dilyan Georgiev, the criminal authority “Karo”, the journalist Dimitar Stoyanov from the BIRD site, the mention of Bobokovi, parties and who not yet This is the least they are apparently doing,” the Prosecutor General said for BGNES agency.

He recalled that the Prosecutor’s Office, with its active actions, affected the interests of billions.

 “Mafia, oligarchs and politicians unite and do everything possible to discredit magistrates in order to destroy the institution of Prosecution. They managed to close the “Antimafia” court (Specialized Criminal Court – ed. note). This was done under the banner of “judicial reform”. Their reform is the ruin and triumph of the mafia, with the people paying the price.

The idea of ​​reform was intended to destabilize state institutions, and the first target was the Prosecutor’s Office. The backstage, as politicians often call the mafia, was the sponsor of this revolution aimed at discrediting and invalidating the Prosecution. These incessant attacks have pursued the interests of the oligarchs concerned, but the people are paying the price.

Society is the first victim of the triumphant return of crime. Mob law took to the streets, traffickers and fraudsters resumed their crimes. It is enough to see what happened on the roads and highways. This is the picture of the conquered by the mafia country. Now they have other goals,” emphasized Ivan Geshev.

He stated that he works and will continue to work in the future in the interest of the people because this is his profession. “I am guided by the law and the public interest. I will remain at my post and wait for the day when, after the sentences come into effect, these people, because of whom Bulgarians live in misery, will go to prison. Otherwise, this tragedy called Transition will continue. We owe it to our children,” added the Prosecutor General.

Asked if there were any other reasons, for example, geopolitical, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev replied: “There are probably many other nuances. It is clear that behind Tsvetan Vassilev is the malicious Russian influence.

That’s probably why they keep it in Serbia. Maybe the money is Russian. You know how many diplomats carrying out intelligence activities for the benefit of the Russian Federation were declared persona non grata in Bulgaria, precisely as a result of our work.

How many people have been charged in espionage investigations? You also know about the alleged Russian spy ring we uncovered, the most famous case since the so-called Cambridge Five. It is clear that this is also a hybrid activity of Russia. We touched many interests.

The only important thing for me, however, is to work for the people and protect the Bulgarian national interest! State and society are important to me. My strength also comes from the conviction that I am defending democracy and the rule of law,” emphasized  the Prosecutor General.


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