I think there is a combined attack on me. I am not a permanent member of the National Security Council, so I must be accepted. The votes against me were of GERB, MRF and ITN. Eventually I was present. This was stated on the air of Nova TV by Minister Kiril Petkov.
"Mr. Karaday asked when I renounced my citizenship and when he was told that we had not gathered for it - he left. I am quite puzzled how Toshko said - how he is not interested in any pensions and he is only interested in refugee crisis. ", the official minister is indignant.

"My passport was handed over to the Canadian authorities. I acquired it automatically at the age of 14 because of my parents. In my opinion and the Constitutional Court - foreign citizenship is the right of every person," he said.

"My statement of intent is from the moment I renounced their citizenship, and I expect the note from them at any moment. I do not know on what date they will send it," Petkov acknowledged the fact that there is still no official document that is not a Canadian citizen.

"I want to congratulate the president because he was the responsible politician. He said that the case of my citizenship is the work of the Constitutional Court, and we have gathered to comment on more important things," he said.

"I am amazed how all these parties made a coordinated attack. This motivates me personally. I think I have done something significant when it comes to any interests," Petkov said.

"When I accepted the post, I knew there would be a risk. But I would be very happy if politics stopped being a dirty word for our children. Now, a door would open for all young Bulgarians abroad who would like to do so. something for our country, "the caretaker minister commented.

"I want to make the MPs understand how important the budget update is, because there is no way we can react to a new crisis."

"I am very afraid, but not for the government, but for all the people who may run out of money. Yes, there is money, but parliament must say, yes, it can be spent. Let them debate and make budget adjustments, but let's do our job, "Petkov concluded.