Двукратната олимпийска шампионка по плуване Британи Елмсли прекрати състезателната си кариера на 24 години.

"Благодаря на плуването. 12 години от живота си посветих напълно на стремежа към усъвършенстване.

Гордея се с постиженията си и завоюваните медали, но най-много съм благодарна за незабравимите спомени", написа австралийката в “Инстаграм”.


THANK YOU SWIMMING❤️ It was challenging to have to summarise my swimming journey. After 12 years of dedicating my mind, body and soul to the pursuit of excellence I can proudly announce that my competitive swimming journey has come to an end. I can’t put into words the amount of respect I hold for the sport and the incredible people who I have shared this chapter of my life with. 2 Olympic Games, 2 World Championships, a Commonwealth Games, a Pan Pacs, a World Short Course, multiple World Cups, multiple junior AUS teams and countless domestic competitions are just the surface of the opportunities I have been fortunate enough to experience. I am incredibly proud of the medals I won throughout this journey yet the thing I am most grateful for are the unforgettable memories I made with so many amazing humans. The positive impact Swimming has had on my life is overwhelming which is why I will still be passionately involved with giving back to the sport that gave me so much. Life is too short to waste any days not challenging yourself. Sometimes that means letting go of something that once was the spark of your purpose but as you grow as a person I have learnt that the spark shifts and you owe it to yourself to continue chasing what makes you feel most alive!

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