The mind of a normal person would find it difficult to assimilate what the communist heirs Ivo Prokopiev and Hristo Ivanov-Pinocchio are preparing to the society.
After the United States issued the Magnitsky Act and hit to Vasil Bozhkov, Delyan Peevski and Ilko Zhelyazkov, now The Capital circle, funded by Soros, is preparing for a brutal, unconstitutional and inhuman hoax to dozens of Bulgarian companies.

The Magnitsky Act is extremely clear and does not need any interpretation - the sanctioned persons are forbidden to enter the United States and are forbidden to own assets overseas. The same applies to the companies, that are explicitly mentioned in the decision of the Office for Control of Foreign Assets, in which have more than 50% participation. So much! No more, no less!

Moreover, on the territory of the European Union and in Bulgaria itself, these sanctions cannot apply and this was explicitly said by our American partners.

However, Prokopiev's greyhounds in the provisional government - Asen Vassilev and Kiril Petkov - want to be better Catholics than the Pope and are ready to violate not only the Constitution of Bulgaria, but also the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Without any legal basis, on Friday (June 4th) the Council of Ministers adopted a decision, which created a "blacklist" of persons and companies with whom the Bulgarian state companies and the administration are forbidden to have any relations.

Moreover, the list, which is already a fact, would contain not only the names announced under Magnitsky Act, but all other persons whom a special working group would define as "connected" with Bozhkov, Peevski and Zhelyazkov. Including partners, shareholders and managers of Bulgarian companies, as well as people who would be "identified" by unclear criteria by SANS and by bodybuilder and head of the National Revenue Agency Rumen Spetsov, who is accused of tax fraud.

It is known that fascist Bulgaria until 1944 had used special ordinances-laws. This practice continued after September 9th 1944, in order to deal with opponents of the communist regime.

Significant is the established People's Court, which without any legal grounds, only with an ordinance of the then Council of Ministers, arrested 30,000 people and sentenced to death nearly 3,000 of them.

Now history repeats itself, but not in the troubled times of the mid-20th century. In a member of the European Union! And it is done by people who have been hypocritically shouting for years that defends human rights.

It became clear on Friday what they are defending - not the rights of citizens, but their own corporate and political affiliations.

How, without a working parliament and without any evidence, will you forbid three Bulgarian and European citizens, even if they were on some US sanctions list, to contact Bulgarian state bodies and the administration?

Have they been convicted by a Bulgarian court?

Is there a law - Bulgarian or European - that allows it?

Are these people and companies deprived of their constitutionally guaranteed rights?

On what grounds (by your subjective judgment!) you stop other citizens and companies, "connected" with these three people, to work with the state?

On what grounds do you impose a sentence to civil and economic death all these people and companies?

After all these are ordinary workers, they will also lose their jobs because and will not be able to receive salaries, they will not be paid their social security contributions, they will not even be able to pay their taxes. Anyone who reads the "blacklist" will also fear that he would be "hit" by the same fascist government "special forces", dubbed as "working group". Even it is a bank, a company, a foreign partner, a supplier?

There is, of course, no reason for such "lists" - there is only revanchism, without any compliance to the Constitution and laws. There is only a desire for revenge, for showdown and for "beheading."

The Capital Circle has already pointed to several companies that were to be hit by Petkov, Rashkov, Vassilev and Spetsov. It is sure that in a few days they will be cited on the website of the National Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Finance.

These companies did not have any connection with the Magnitsky Act, except in the endless manipulative and frankly false media publications in "media" such as "Bivol" or "Capital".

Modern day Hongweibinbs are not interested in the fact that there is a Commercial Law in Bulgaria, which says exactly what is "connectivity" and "control". There is no citated reason such as an "article on Ivo Prokopiev's website".

During the times of fascism and Hitlerism, they used to glue stars to the houses and lapels of the Jews. And then we all know what happened to the innocent children, women and men marked by the SS commands - concentration camp and death. Death without guilt, just because someone ordained you. But then Bulgaria saved its Jews by standing in front of the freight cars.

And if now our society does not react and allows fascist, inhuman and unconstitutional showdown "in Bulgarian way" to absolutely innocent people and with companies giving bread to thousands of workers, then the blame will not be on people commanded by Ivo Prokopiev in the provisional government. No, it will be the fault of all of us as a society. Because the sleuths of the scandalous businessman from Razgrad will order and ruin somebody today, but tomorrow they can come for whomever they decide.

This is their "democracy"! If we want to still have us as a country, we must not allow this way of action.