A list of names of prosecutors, judges and investigators titled "Vermin for Dismissal “ was found in the home of a man who is accused of participating in a criminal group for extortion and possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

The magistrates are employees of the closed down specialised court and specialised prosecutor's office, and the list specifies their current positions.

This became clear at a press conference of Prosecutor General, Ivan Geshev; Director of the National Investigation Service, Borislav Sarafov; Director of the National Police Directorate Atanas Ilkov and the Head of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office, Iliana Kirilova.

Two defendants have been charged.

T.I., in whose possession the list of magistrates was found, has been placed under a petition measure and is absconding abroad. He has been charged with extortion and possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

"As Prosecutor General, I will not allow the security and interests of the people and the nation, as well as of magistrates and judicial system employees, to be affected by the organised crime, I will not allow to be threatened, pressured, pressure to be exercised on their internal convictions, especially on ladies and mothers.

You see how the symbiosis between respected criminals, convicted persons and those wanted by Interpol, persons and organisations known to the public, together fight against the institutions and the state counter to the interest of the people," said Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev.

The second participant, D.G., is charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute. He is in custody and an appeal proceeding before the Sofia Court of Appeal is pending. He has been convicted of hooliganism, infliction of moderate bodily harm, participation in an organised criminal group with attempted fraud.

At the beginning of March, a piece of paper was found in his home with handwritten text showing the abbreviation VTB and typed text in English:

Audio recordings of conversations of the accused D.G. discussing the removal of police officers, the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev from their posts and relations with people in power were also released at the press conference. Krassimir Kamenov - Kuro was also involved in the conversations.

"Maybe you see what the media call the "conquered state". And I have a lot of questions, which I am sure that my colleagues from the State Prosecutor's Office will do their best to seek answers. We have seen in one place the name of VTB and large figures in millions of euros, in a handwritten text.

If VTB is the sanctioned Russian bank that was a partner in Corporate Commercial Bank - how does this correspond with the malign Russian influence and the payment by some individuals, named as Tsetso from Belgrade, to lobbyists - is this not the work of this malign Russian influence that contradicts our allied commitments and Euro-Atlantic partners," said Geshev.

The prosecutor general called on the State Agency for National Security (SANS) to intervene and pointed out that this is an organised attack by oligarchs and the mafia against state institutions and the state.

"We will provide full assistance to magistrates, investigators and prosecutors who carry out investigative actions in all cases and who currently feel threatened in terms of their health and life, as provided for by the Criminal Code.

I dare say that the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has not been influenced by any investigator or prosecutor in terms of case management and internal conviction.

We will support this to the end and will carry out actions to find the objective truth. And if there is evidence - to bring the persons to court," said Iliana Kirilova, head of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office.

Atanas Ilkov, director of the National Police Directorate General, said:

"We will not allow once again these individuals, in this brazen way, to allow themselves to influence the investigations being carried out by police officers and we will not allow those police officers, which are not convenient to them, to be removed form their posts, with funds obtained in an illegal way."

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