Last week, the Prosecutor's Office revealed facts about the existence of an organized criminal group for influence peddling, with the aim of discrediting and removing senior magistrates and police officers.

We remind you that, according to unofficial information, Krasimir Kamenov-Karo, Tsvetan Vasilev, Dilyan Georgiev and Toni Ivanov-Parfyuma are involved in it, and from the chats and audio recordings released by the state prosecution, it is clear that the pseudo-journalist Dimitar Stoyanov from the "Bird" website is also close to these people.

The released data clearly showed that big oligarchs, notorious representatives of organized crime, persons close to politicians, as well as leading journalists are not only in an ugly symbiosis, but have extended their tentacles even in the United States.

An investigation by "Trud" published on Sunday shows that at least $350,000 was paid by the former majority owner of the bankrupt CCB Tsvetan Vassilev, who is hiding in Belgrade, to American lobbyists in order to bring about the inclusion of the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev in the sanctions list under the global Magnitsky Act. It also turned out that the financial pharaoh who fled to Serbia was also behind the attack by the American congressman Warren Davidson against the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office and its administrative head.

This was indisputably proven precisely by the correspondence exchanged between Dilyan Georgiev, who is in constant (including through frequent meetings in Belgrade) communication with Vasilev, Dimitar Stoyanov, in which Georgiev sent the supposedly personal text of Congressman Davidson in advance, long before its publication in the personal Twitter profile of the American politician.

Apparently frightened by these revelations, Tsvetan Vassilev hurried to post another squib against Geshev, this time on his personal website. Knowing very well that he was caught again with his pants down plotting against state institutions - what's more, he used the money stolen from CCB to pay American lobbyists, Vassilev chooses not for the first time to slander others in "Russian ties”.

However, there are no longer deluded people and cannot be.

First, to claim that the Prosecutor General Geshev had "Russian ties", given that it was he and the Prosecutor's Office headed by him who expelled dozens of Russian spies and accused Nikolai Malinov of spying in favor of Kremlin (it turned out that Malinov acted in collaboration namely with Tsvetan Vassilev to provide strategic military and telecommunications enterprises to Russia), is pure clinical schizophrenia.

Secondly, since Vassilev knows very well that he is directly linked to the sanctioned Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev and not only linked, but has already owed his residence in Serbia to him for nine year, it is extremely ridiculous to present himself as a "Euro-Atlantic”.

Thirdly, the short memory of Vassilev and his paid media and political claquers in Bulgaria obviously needs to be regularly refreshed on the topic "Russia”:

BLITZ has repeatedly recalled over the years what happened in 2015 and how Tsvetan Vassilev, in partnership with Malofeev's pawns Pierre Louvrier and Dmitry Kosarev, and later with Nikolai Malinov and Jack Hanik, tried to trick society and gift Moscow with the two military factories "Dunarit" and "Avionams", Bulgarian telecommunications company, as well as the companies GARB, TV 7, NURTS and First Digital. Thank God he failed, because can you imagine in the current war situation, Malofeev and company owned military factories in Bulgaria and produced ammunition not for NATO and Ukraine, but for Russia? Or if the entire terrestrial telecommunications network had fallen into Russian hands?

After fleeing to Serbia, Tsvetan Vassilev "sold" at the beginning of 2015 to the Frenchman Pierre Louvrier, possessing Russian passport, assets purchased with money from CCB, worth over 1 billion euros, for the "large" amount of ... 1 euro ("Dunarit", "Avionams", the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company, GARB, TV 7, NURTS and First digital).

In practice, he gave them to the Russians instead of returning them to the Deposit Guarantee Fund. Then it turned out that Louvrier was a supporter of Konstantin Malofeev, the scandalous oligarch supporting the separatists in Donetsk, where the commander was Igor Girkin-Strelkov - a former employee of his and a good friend with Pierre Louvrier in particular.

After the scheme with Louvrier was revealed, Tsvetan Vassilev made deals with another Russian - Dmitry Kosarev, who also turned out to be an employee of Malofeev. With him, Vassilev agreed to divide the assets that the Louvre "returned" to him, in a ratio of 80 to 20 percent, and Kosarev undertook to provide security for Vassilev and his family. The contract for this leaked out in the media.

Next, it was Tsvetan Vassilev who secured Nikolaiy Malinov and his partner from the Russian Tsargrad TV channel Jack Hanik (and thus Malofeev himself, who supported this TV channel in Russia) to "enter" TV 7, which was financed by CCB with over BGN 300 million from depositors' money. Their scheme was also revealed, and only the failed attempts to register it in the Commercial Register Commercial Register thwarted the plans of the Malofeev-Hanik-Vasilev tandem to push Russian hybrid media interests in Bulgaria. . It should not be forgotten that Vassilev's handwritten notes about his negotiations with Leonid Reshetnikov, a former KGB general close to Putin, became public.

Subsequently, Malinov was accused by the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office of spying for Russia precisely because of his agreements with the Russians and Vasilev, and Reshetnikov and Malofeev were imposed prohibition on entering Bulgaria. Hanik was also prosecuted by the US justice for his ties with Malofeev.

So the truth is actually very simple - Tsvetan Vassilev has always been a Kremlin's supporter in Bulgaria, and his contacts with Russia not only did not end after the collapse of the CCB, but on the contrary - deepened. And the very fact that Serbia, which has been under Russian influence for 9 years, refuses to return him to Bulgaria, speaks for itself.

And no matter how much the financial pharaoh who is hiding from Bulgarian justice tries to cover up his own Russian affiliations with slander, his tricks have long been unsuccessful. They will not go down in the USA either, no matter how much money Vassilev will pay to the expensive American lobbyists. Particularly with regard to the current geopolitical situation, nobody likes those who serve Russia.

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