What is happening? It is 2021 and in a liberal and democratic Europe the heir to the communist nomenklature, Ivo Prokopiev, started obscurantism dressed in the garb of state acts.
Prokopiev added by himself to the American Magnitsky Act and this is directed to Bulgarian citizens and private companies, which are neither sanctioned by the American Service for Control of Foreign Assets (OFAC), nor has grounds to be sanctioned.

And this is happening after Europe officially announced that the Magnitsky Act could not be applied to European citizens. True but obviously not.

In "democratic" state of Bulgaria, the Prokopiev amendment will be applied by the provisional government to dozens of Bulgarian citizens and companies selected by Prokopiev's proteges in the government – Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev and Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov. They are acting in the name of Prokopiev.

We are obviously going back to the years when the „Capital“ and „Dnevnik“ newspapers ruled the country, and that time had passed away.

Prokopiev makes lists of people and companies, allegedly "connected" with Peevski, that are uncomfortable for him. The goal is to settle his personal problems with the former MP.

But why do you have to make lists at all, as the „Capital“ newspaper already listed the names of people and companies that have to be hit. This is made for help to those in power, so that there is no accidental confusion.

Take these people straight to the square and shoot them, and then close or nationalize the companies, as the communist ancestors of such people as Ivo Prokopiev did in the years after September 9th 1944.

Why you must to waste time. The words "democracy" and "human rights" in Bulgaria are clearly empty words. Where are the dozens of human rights activists and NGOs, various people as Kashamov, Ekimdzhiev and other Helsinki Committees, which zealously defended every murderer, whose rights in prison were violated. They now are hypocritically silent and hiding.

And this is happening in a striking violation of the constitutional rights and freedoms of Bulgarian citizens. They are hiding because they are probably Prokopiev's proteges, raised over the years for election campaigns and in defense of the personal interests of their mentor.

Everybody knows that Prokopiev is a "democrat" only in words. A man who privatized many factories for pennies, who belong to the clique of Ivan Kostov and is a member of the "Lamb's Heads" was raised up in the spirit of communist totalitarianism.

His father Georgi Prokopiev was a captain of UBO (Former state security organization) and was a manager of Todor Zhivkov's favorite hunting farm "Voden". This is the place where the communist leader spent time in the company of his comrades and guests and of course with the active participation of Prokopiev senior.

Blood does not turn not water, says the folk saying. And the word "democracy" is just a convenient mimicry for the heir of the communist family.

All this would not have mattered if it had not been for Prokopiev's efforts to create lists for lustrations of people uncomfortable for him (Bulgarian citizens). And Radev's provisional government is used in an elementary way to carry out this obscurantism for more than thirty years after the fall of the communist regime.

Is there anyone sane in this government at all, or are they all lackeys in front of the new strongman of the day – Prokopiev?

The truth about the government's decision to compose up lists of individuals, as they call them "who fall and would potentially fall within the scope of US sanctions“, is more than clear.

To do a favor to Prokopiev and to supplement the OFAC Act with the Bulgarian citizens and companies which are already mentioned in the „Capital“ newspaper.

And it is not important for pseudo-rulers that this decision are not based on any legal and regulatory basis.

In practice, the Prokopiev Amendment complements the OFAC act, which has no direct application to the Bulgarian legal system and brutally violates the civil and human rights of these persons, and violates basic constitutional principles.

How will they doom to the so-called "Civil death" these Bulgarian citizens and companies, without there is a sentence of a Bulgarian court.

And only according to the claims of the „Capital“ newspaper. Complete madness! They give orders to the state administration for termination all the relations with the persons indicated by Prokopiev.

These are Bulgarian citizens who work, pay taxes, social and health insurance, use administrative services. How will you deprive them of the relations with their own state, as these rirghts are guaranteed by the Constitution.

Let's just shoot them, without a sentence! Just to make it faster and for pleasure of the former communist nomenklature Ivo Prokopiev.

The purpose of the decision is more than clear. To liquidate the companies like Bulgartabac, Technomarket, Yuri Gagarin and others, as well as their directors, managers, partners or shareholders (there is no need to wait for the list, the "Capital" newspapper already indicated the names in advance).

This is Ivo Prokopiev's old dream. Because these working companies, which regularly pay their taxes, pay their loans and employ thousands of workers, were "connected" with Peevski.

For years, Prokopiev and his media have been waging war against Bulgartabac by all possible means. We remember 2017 when hundreds of employees of this company took to the streets and protested in defense of their rights. There is obviously no other way to react against lawlessness and self-forgotten power.

And the former privatizer and "Lamb's head" member Prokopiev is obviously quite quick to impose the list. Because now he has the bat called "good American contacts" and the right lobbyists, but that may not last long.

He repeats in his media what a great law the Magnitsky Act was and what a monstrous effect it had on the sanctioned people. But he is aware that every year dozens of people and companies from almost all over Europe, including countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland , Latvia, Greece, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, etc., are on the lists of sanctions by OFAC (including the Global Magnitsky Act), and dozens are released after the sanctions are dropped on unproven or insolvent charges. Because in the end, truth always finds a way to win.