At the meeting with the mayor of Bansko Delyan Peevski exposed the "Capital" circle of Ivo Prokopiev as the reason for not developing our winter resort.

Yesterday, "DPS" deputy Delyan Peevski made a pre-election tour in the region of Blagoevgrad, visiting Bansko.Peevski met there with the mayor of the city Ivan Kadev and his team. Mayor Kadev thanked for the help that Peevski provided to Bansko and it's residents during the first lockdown, when the city was under quarantine and the deputy donated the necessary medical supplies for testing people.

Good deeds are not forgotten

The mayor also supported Peevski's stated need for greater decentralization of municipalities, presenting the vision of the city, regretting that the realization of the idea of ​​Bansko to become a world winter resort center has encountered serious obstacles over the years.

To this, Peevski replied that the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and the backstage he led in the face of the Capital circle and the NGOs associated with it were the real reason for Bansko not to develop into a world winter resort. It is behind the scenes that hinders the development of the whole country.

That's right - while in alpine Austria, for example, there are gondola lifts in almost every mountain village and ski tourism is extremely accessible and developed, in his native Bansko the epic "second cable car" will knock for a decade without a solution.

And it's not that there are no green NGOs in Austria - there are, even greens are involved in governing the country, but Austrians have intelligently found a balance between nature protection and the development of vital tourism for the country's alpine region.

In our country, the “protection” of nature is absolutized to the extreme by grant NGOs, which kills in its infancy any good economic initiative. Well-funded by foreign foundations with dubious interests, the "green" NGOs, led by the Capital circle, are deliberately killing tourism in the town of Bansko.

They even entered politics as a coalition partner of "Yes, Bulgaria", led by Prokopiev's political proxy Hristo Ivanov. Why have a native winter tourism industry, when there is one in Austria, France, Italy or Switzerland - this is the belief of the green apostates in our country, hidden behind high-sounding and hypocritical calls for "protection" of nature.

However, what Peevski said should not be related only to the state of tourism in the town of Bansko, because the negative impact of the backstage is much more comprehensive. It is no coincidence that the MRF MP added that it is an obstacle "... for the development of the whole of Bulgaria."
Peevski's words are not accidental at all, if we go back to the genesis of the Bulgarian oligarchy.

The economic boom for the oligarchy was undoubtedly the bandit privatization carried out during the rule of Ivan Kostov, rightly considered the father (or more precisely the ideologue) of today's native oligarchs. It was through privatization, when the Bulgarian national capital was privatized, that people like Ivo Prokopiev became millionaires in literally one day.

Yesterday, a "promising" young member of the group "Lamb's Heads", created by Kostov's then close MP and chairman of the Economic Committee in Parliament Nikola Nikolov, in one day Ivo Prokopiev became the owner of the largest producer of kaolin raw material in the Balkans "Kaolin “

And against the modest BGN 700 thousand, paid by the RMD created for the purpose. In a word - yesterday poor, but loyal to Kostov's "democrat", today a millionaire. Yes, the Kaolin company, acquired for nothing, launches today's oligarch Prokopiev to the heights.

Hundreds of millions drained by the company over the years through false declarations of the volumes of extracted kaolin raw material and another 100 million euros of net profit for Prokopiev, when in 2012. the Razgrad oligarch sold Kaolin to German investors.

There is also the scandalous privatization of Damyanitsa winery, also acquired by Prokopiev (and his partner Harmandzhiev) for the even more ridiculous sum of 60 thousand dollars, given that only the unsold production of the winery, which is in stock at the time of sale , exceeds 2 million. Also a "good" deal (or more precisely a gift) for the future oligarch Prokopiev.

Today, Prokopiev's media are silent as communists on the issue of "privatization", you will not find a line how the Bulgarian national capital (dozens of Bulgarian factories, factories and enterprises) for nearly 30 billion levs, was distributed to "their" people for less of 30 million. However, Kostov's privatization created today's oligarchy - it created "its" millionaires, who became actively involved in economic, political and social life, which subsequently had a detrimental effect on the country's development.

After becoming a millionaire in one day, Prokopiev set about methodically developing the structure of the economic-media group Capital in order to turn it today into a giant backstage machine that has conquered the media and almost all sectors of the state. And which protects and serves his - Prokopiev and his economic, political and media protégés, business and personal interests. What is the so-called "Capital" circle and why its existence is an emanation of the backstage and is so harmful to the state.

The answer implies a lot to talk and write, but the main thing comes down to the vicious dependencies created in almost all areas of government, as well as the possibility of manipulative influence on public opinion by controlling the mainstream. The exercise of a media monopoly undoubtedly distorts the truth and restricts media freedom and objectivity. This is the Capital circle, in short. A multifaceted cobweb entangled the entire country in dependence.

And this is probably what Peevski had in mind to point out that the backstage in the face of the Capital circle hinders the development of the whole country. Yes, it interferes because it does not create anything creative, but works only for itself, for its own enrichment, but not on the market, but on the back of the state, deliberately distorting reality through massive media propaganda.

To this end, Prokopiev also created his political projects "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Yes, Bulgaria", and undertook to install them in the government. Political engineering has become Prokopiev's favorite game of "construction", through which the oligarch created seemingly invisible, but at the same time became available to all, political dependencies.

There were ministers connected with him in almost every government, from Kostov's cabinet to today's official cabinets, such as Simeon Djankov, Traicho Traikov, Tomislav Donchev, Rumyana Bachvarova, Hristo Ivanov and more and more. Even Prime Minister Boyko Borissov was forced to admit that some of the ministers in his previous cabinet were submitted to him by Prokopiev.

Thus, without participating in politics alone, Prokopiev has the opportunity to intervene and control important state decisions, namely through his political proxies and dependent ministers in the executive branch. This is what the face behind the scenes looks like - political dolls with a secret puppet master.

Even former President Plevneliev was connected to Prokopiev through their joint business projects - he was both a personal and family friend. Today, the new political "messiahs" Asen Vassilev and Kiril Petkov are close to Prokopiev. To what extent their project "We continue the change" is a presidential project (of Rumen Radev) or a project of the Razgrad oligarch, or both, we will find out very soon.

To have accumulated, like Prokopiev, hundreds of millions from bandit privatization and to run the country behind the scenes through political engineering and fictitious politicians, inevitably requires being able to manipulate the public and create judicial indulgence. The first Prokopiev achieved through control over the mainstream, as he himself admits in the transcripts of "Argo", and the second - through dependent senior magistrates.

Today, Prokopiev controls almost all media - from his own newspapers and websites, to national radio and major television stations. Media comfort is vital to the existence of the backstage. It cannot be in the light, because it does not function in public, and behind - through secret dependencies and agreements.

Thus, for years, the media controlled by Prokopiev convinced us that he was a "pure" and "white" businessman, the "holy water itself", that he was a democrat at heart and an ideological ally of the democratic parties, that the word "corruption" was organically foreign to him. and other similar "axioms". Without the media, public opinion cannot be manipulated, and the uncomfortable with lies and insinuations cannot be shot at point-blank range.

The role of the media in the functioning of the backstage is extremely important. On the one hand, the necessary misinformation is spread through the media, and on the other hand, the media play the role of a bat for the inconvenient and dissidents.

Which politician or businessman would not be afraid of targeted dirty media propaganda - there is none. Prokopiev also used the full force and possibilities of media propaganda to achieve his goals and interests, and his media did not stop proclaiming themselves to be only honest and objective. In order to make people believe in the "honesty" and "objectivity" of the streams of purposeful misinformation.

Controlling public opinion through the media is undoubtedly an ugly art, which requires a large number of loyal "employees" - from program directors, producers of programs and editors, to journalists, cameramen and presenters. And those working in the name and benefit of Prokopiev, in the native mainstream, as much as you want.

From the former program director of bTV Venelin Petkov, whose service in favor of the Capital circle became a proverbial example of sham journalism, to the host of the national radio Silvia Velikova, the journalists Polina Paunova, Ognyan Stefanov, Rosen Bosev, the former journalist of Capital and the current "investigator" of the grant-dependent "Anti-Corruption Fund" Nikolay Staykov, the tireless in the selective persecution of "scandals" TV reporters Kanna Racheva or Maria Tsancarova, and more and more. Their number, and thus their capabilities, is really huge.

Prokopiev is also untouchable for the bulgarian justice. He does not lose lawsuits of any kind. He was also acquitted in the court case for the EVN deal. The magistrates associated with him are also more than the fingers of both hands, but the most emblematic is the example of the chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation (currently on leave) and presidential candidate Lozan Panov.

There is a lot to be said about the personal and family friendship between an "independent" senior magistrate (Lozan Panov) and the puppet master behind the scenes Prokopiev, and there are many examples. And it's not just him.

The Union of Judges in Bulgaria grant NGO (like the other protesters from the Protest Network and Justice for Everyone) also participated in Prokopiev's propaganda war against those who, for one reason or another, had not yet become entangled in the network of dependencies, such as the Attorney General.

Controlling justice in a country is against the foundations of law and democracy. Contrary to the principles of the rule of law and justice. But Prokopiev does not care at all, these are just empty phrases, for him the judicial indulgence is important, which his connections with the senior magistrates, such as the chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov, provide him.

Well, after all that has been said so far, and there is still a lot to talk about, how the native oligarchic backstage, led by Ivo Prokopiev, is not harmful to the state. As Peevski says, behind the scenes "... hinders the development of the whole of Bulgaria." It is disturbing because the existence behind the scenes is incompatible with democracy and the rule of law. It is incompatible with the difficult path that our society has to take - it is incompatible with our future.