Last three months we are witnesses of an unprecedented polishing of the image of two ministers from Rumen Radev's government – Minister of finance Asen Vassilev and Minister of the economy Kiril Petkov. The two ministers are quite close to Ivo Prokopiev, the founder of The Capital Circle, and are enjoying a full support from his media.
The media, owned by Prokopiev, as well as all media, controlled by him, and they are not few, did not stop to pour superlatives on the protégés of the boss from Razgrad.

How successful were these ministers, how much work they had done in the short period of office, how much people of Borissov's previous government they had wiped out, how unfortunate it would be if these good guys did not continue to be ministers in the future regular government and more praises.

Vassilev and Petkov did not stop giving interviews, touring the TV studios, making all kinds of public appearances and PR campaigns. They are everywhere, on on-line media, on the pages of newspapers, on television news and programs, and wherever you want.

The mainstream has been controlled by Prokopiev for many years and his protégés in the provisional government have unlimited opportunities for media appearances. There has been no large-scale and purposeful media manipulation by now. Giving us the mantra of the "successful" protégés of The Capital Circle in the team of the provisional government. And after all, the whole media waterfall of feigned praise, everyone is puzzling - is this true?

No, it's not true, all this talk is just well-organized media manipulation.

A quick analysis of Vassilev and Petkov’s actions will show that their actions are entirely dependent by the media boss Prokopiev and his orders. In other words, Vassilev and Petkov are in the provisional government only to serve on Ivo Prokopiev. And they do it really well. Only in the context two ministers can be described as "successful".

Actions of Asen Vassilev, a Harvard graduate, in the field of Bulgarian finance were never clear, but it turned out that he was an expert in various kinds of fraud. His successful business before becoming finance minister turned out to be a series of frauds of partners, associates and trade contractors. A few weeks ago, Vassilev's former partner from Denmark, Mortan Lund, publicly accused the finance minister of fraud by appearing on bTV.

Lund says that on 2009 Vassilev sold a software for booking plane tickets, owned by their joint company, to a Chinese company without the consent of the partners, which invested millions in the company for the development of the same software. You don't have to have a Harvard education for this brazen deception of gullible foreign investors.

Another investment of a financier with a handsome face, which in no way betrays his deceptive thinking, also ends in financial failure. His joint company with the well-known lady from the Sofia's high life Ralitsa Hofstetter - "Offroad Productions" has not submitted financial statements in the commercial register for almost 13 years. Despite the requirements of the legislation. Obviously for Vassilev the requirement for publicity of the activity of the trade subjects is not a problem.

What kind of work his company did and what financial results it had remains a complete secret. Today the company's shares have been seized by numerous creditors, including former State Security officers Rumen Ralchev and Valeri Dimitrov, as well as Raiffeisen Auto Leasing Bulgaria.

The future Minister of Finance in Rumen Radev's office left the company in 2020, transferring his shares to Hofstetter. This did not change his history with the unclear activities of the company and its consequences. The controversial moments in Vassilev's financial life continue through the management of offshore companies.

Just before becoming a minister, Asen Vassilev was a principal of Axelbert Limited, an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The work activity of this company also remains a mystery, as well as whether Vassilev's income as a principal of the company has been declared taxable in Bulgaria. Let's not forget that it was Minister Vassilev who appointed the current head of the National Revenue Agency, the bodybuilder Rumen Spetsov, who turned out to have sold his company with huge tax liabilities to a fictitious person with the goal to get rid of it and, of course, not pay. taxes.

Vassilev was Spetsov's main public defender, claiming that the former tax officer Spetsov did not know about his company's tax liabilities at the time of the sale, even though it was under tax audit.

The biggest blunder of Minister Vassilev, which will have its legal and political consequences, is the preparation of "blacklists" for implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers after the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed sanctions to several Bulgarian citizens and companies, including former MP Delyan Peevski from DPS (Movement for Rights and Freedoms).

Vassilev is part of the working group, which had to establish those related to the sanctioned persons, without any rules and without clear criteria. Vassilev is the most active participant in the group’s quest of making the lists a fact and comprise more and more individuals and companies. And this is not accidental, because Asen Vassilev fulfills the task from Prokopiev. This is why he is a provisional minister - to serve Prokopiev.

And the order placed by the boss from Razgrad is quite clear. “Blacklists” to hit as many people and companies as possible. Prokopiev will point them as connected to Peevski - his public enemy number one.

Because the "blacklists" were created for self-mutilation with the Prokopiev`s inconvenient ones. There is no other logic that justifies the use of outright fascism by Prokopiev's proteges in the provisional government.

Prokopiev and his proteges are not interested in the fact that the lists violate basic and constitutionally guaranteed human rights by dooming dozens of innocent people to "civil death" without trial or sentence. Soon this will attract attention in Democratic Europe and then the authors of this unheard for the 21st century administrative arbitrariness and lawlessness, including Asen Vassilev, will have to answer.

What to say about the other Harvard graduate - the Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov. He is also a co-founder of political party "Da, Bulgaria" and an active author of articles, published in the media of The Capital Circle. Immediately after taking office, Minister Kiril Petkov quickly got involved in public scandals in BDB and other state-owned companies. The only goas is to fulfill the orders of his mentor Prokopiev, but also to raise his own rating. Because so far there is no other result of the scandals, except cheap populism.

It is not clear whether Kiril Petkov is a minister at all, because he does not meet the requirements of the law, as he has dual citizenship, Bulgarian and Canadian. And he did not give up his Canadian citizenship before entering the office. There is no bigger political scandal than going to the Ministry of Economy without having clarification of your citizenship and issuing a whole bunch of insignificant administrative orders and directives, because you have no legal grounds to hold the position of Minister. In short - a great mess. Kiril Petkov has declared that he meets the conditions to be appointed as provisional minister. The conditions are counted on the fingers of one palm and it would be difficult to confuse even an ordinary person, much less a Harvard graduate.

From his first working day as a "minister" Petkov started with the big borrowers in the state BDB.

It is clear that he was prepared for this in the days before taking office. And what turned out - there are large loans granted to several companies, but they are secured by assets and are repaid regularly. None of the borrowers is irregular, they all pay their installments properly, from which BDB earns many millions in the form of interest.

The purpose of the active event was more than clear. To connect some of the borrowing companies with Delyan Peevski. And the author of the order is also crystal clear - Ivo Prokopiev, who has been leading media propaganda for years to discredit Peevski.

Petkov do things in favor of Prokopiev, like his colleague Vassilev, but in the end he had to admit that Peevski had no loans in the state BDB. However, Petkov's irresponsible speech damaged the commercial reputation of large Bulgarian companies, employing hundreds of workers and employees. Should this be the behavior of a "successful" Bulgarian Minister of Economy.

They will not decide anything, because they are part of the backstage, against which they are fighting, but only in words. To get out of the situation, Petkov began to prophesy, like a real oracle - "we expect 250 million of these loans not to be returned." And now what? All this pressure and the attempts to change the management of the bank with his own people, the lawsuits and the turmoil were happened because of mere expectation of the Harvard graduate. However, Petkov does not stop there.

The "minister" has now asked the bank's new management to find grounds to terminate the loan agreements with the companies in question. Even though they are completely regular payers. Is this an adequate behavior of an otherwise "successful" Minister of Economy?

Together with the completion of the order assigned to him by Prokopiev, Kiril Petkov, like his colleague in the provisional government Asen Vassilev, did not turn his back on his personal interest. How many stories were told in the media about the incredible investment that "Minister" Petkov provided to the entire Bulgarian people. How innovative!

German electric cars, which will be produced in our country and which will be funded by the state with 35 million euros according to the memorandum signed by Petkov for the construction of the factory.

Subsequently, it turned out that Petkov's statement differed from reality and raised reasonable doubts about the implementation of the project in general. It turned out that behind the Aachen-based German company, established in 2015, were Albanian owners who started their business with second-hand washing machines. And Petkov and the company's chief executive Ali Vizwaei were classmates at Harvard.

The amount of investment of the German company in the project for a new plant, are not yet clear. There are discrepancies between Petkov and the German company regarding the capacity of the plant. According to Petkov, the new plant will produce 20,000 cars a year, and according to the "Germans" - the plant in our country will be a micro-enterprise.

Petkov's claim for 1,000 new jobs also remains in doubt, as even the parent company in Aachen does not have more than 400. And so on.

It may turn out that the loudly advertised innovative investment, of which Petkov was so proud, is just an ordinary scam of two Harvard graduates, a Bulgarian and an Albanian, costing the state 35 million euros. And as we started with the prophecies, typical in the style of Kiril Petkov, let's see if there will be a plant at all. Because we do not expect one to be built.

Anyone who looks at the model of the promoted new electric car, resembling a toy in the shape of a turtle, and looks at the modern and often futuristic models of electric cars of the world's leading car companies, would have reasonable doubts about the success of the investment.

And would doubt the media-created images of a "successful" Minister of Finance and "successful" Minister of Economy. Images or, more correctly, media bubbles created by the Capital circle, with the purpose to cover up the real dependencies of the otherwise “successful” ministers Vassilev and Petkov.