For the first time in the modern history of Bulgaria The Movement for rights and freedoms (MRF) does not have presence in the National Security Advisory Council. There are two reasons for this. The president must convene the Council every 3 months. It is commendable that after a year and a half the president convened the Council at last whit the budget as the first point of order. But this is a task for the Budgetary Commission, not the CCSC.

This said Yordan Tsonev from the MRF for BTV, commenting on yesterday's scandal, witch happened during a session of President`s National Security Advisory Council.

On the second point - the President requested the presence of a minister for whom there is a doubt that he has a foreign citizenship. Our chairman asked why, and the president has reacted: how do you know that he has dual citizenship. That our chairman has told the media. Once Kiril Petkov came Mr Karaday  asked raised the question about his citizenship, and the president reacted: This matter is not on the agenda. If this is so, we think that the budget is out of agenda too. Then Mr. Karaday has left the session", Tsonev said.

Tsonev added that Kiril Petkov has stayed at the session. "As much as I know a decision about budget has not been taken. The other participants think that the discussion about the budget should belong to the parliament. 

Tsonev also commented on the president's actions: We have never trusted him. It's about the Constitution. We should remind him that the rule of law is related to compliance with the Constitution.

The act of refusal of a citizenship is when the state, you don`t want to be its citizen any more, sais you are no longer its citizen. Kiril Petkov should have left his post until the Constitutional Court decision, so as to not to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the entire cabinet. The mantra, that  he has hurt someone's interests -no, he has not hurt any interest because he has done nothing", added Tsonev.

I do not doubt the inteligence of the Harvard alumni. I question the way they are advertised - that this is enough to be a minister from a minister's treesome, that goes from studio in a studio to advertise.

Last year, in the beginning of the pandemic crisis, Prokopiev announced in an article that all Bulgarian citizens should be tested with rapid tests that turned out to be very misleading and give lots of wrong results. This would be worth a half billion leva for Bulgaria, and the tests would be imported from those people from the treesome. Such thing was done in in Spain and after that there were fallen heads of ministers", Tsonev also sad.

In his words, Prokopiev wrongdoing should be out under the spot light. In all cabinets, he has ministers without winning any elections. His circle has the state in his grip. That's why I called him the "fat cat who peeks," Tsonev said.

He also commented on the proposal of the MRF for Rosenets and Burdjaka commission. "We gave it to Hristo Ivanov. They look at it  and said "No", they will not sign for it.

GERB said we signed him independently but they retracted their motion after seeing that we have a motion, said Tsonev.

The "long hand of Peevski" does not exist. Mr. Peevski was a MP, his face was in front of the people. As a MP, you declare everything - property, transactions. Now he is not a MP and he should not declare anything. We have many times invited Mr. Prokopiev to enter the politics and talk about common policies about the well-being of Bulgaria, but he does not want to do this, Tsonev said.