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Backstage games

Kiril Petkov - how the "Capital" circle made its favorite boy a minister

The art of acrobatics for millions: from Harvard, through carrot juice and the Borisov 1 cabinet, to the founder of "Yes, Bulgaria", a protester and a man of President Radev

26.08.2021 10:30 29494

Backstage games

Kiril Petkov became the new Baron Munchausen

It turns out that the former MRF MP Delyan Peevski has no loans from BDB, as a false mantra the Minister of Economy repeats over and over

26.08.2021 9:39 18270

Backstage games

Scandal! Hristo Ivanov admitted who Prokopiev`s ministers are in the interim government

DB curves the hands of Slavi in ​​the regular cabinet to stay Kiril Petkov, Asen Vassilev and Nikolay Denkov

25.08.2021 18:19 22831

Backstage games

Yordan Tsonev proved with facts why Prokopiev is the "fat cat of the political underground"

He has politicians in all the previous cabinets without winning any elections. His circle has the state in his grip for over 25 years

25.08.2021 18:17 21758

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