Not one or two lies have been circulated over the years about Delyan Peevski, and the Capital circle and the websites close to Tsvetan Vassilev have competed over who will publish even bigger lay. For over two months now, probiotic trader Kiril Petkov, currently Minister of Economy and close to the scandalous businessman Ivo Prokopiev, has joined the chorus of manipulators.

Even before taking office, Petkov said that companies related to Peevski had received BGN 500 million from the Bulgarian Development Bank, and a special commission would investigate the loans.

However, in today's hearing before the parliament, Kiril Petkov, pressured by the questions of Yordan Tsonev from the MRF parliamentary group, half-heartedly admitted that neither Peevski nor related companies had ever taken loans from BDB. However, this does not mean that there will be no additional checks and that such a connection will be sought.

The minister's actions are very similar to those of Baron Munchausen, a well-known protagonist, and especially because of the described incident in which the baron fell into a swamp with his horse, but remembered to grab his own hair and pull himself out , holding the horse between his legs and thus saving himself. 

However, Petkov's attempts to save his false mantra about Peevski's loans hit a snag, because no matter how hard he tries and makes up fabrications, but you cannot call the wrong write, given that there is no any document proving Peevski's connection to this bank.

In the same way popped the a fake bubble about the Peevski's loans from "Trade corporate bank", inflated again by Tsvetan Vassilev and former`s "State seccuruty" agent Ognyan Stefanov Frognews, again for the amount of BGN 500 million (apparently this number is very popular among the manipulators).

Already in 2014, the fact became public that the companies in which the family of the MRF MP has a stake are among the few that actually (and not with offsets) repaid their loans to TCB, many years before its bankruptcy.

This fact has been repeatedly announced by the BNB and the bank's trustees, as well as by numerous reports related to the Corporate Commercial Bank - the parliamentary committee, the international investigation company Alix Partners and the audit firms. The prosecutor's office also explained several times that Peevski, both as a person and as a business owner, did not have a single lev unpaid loan to the Corporate Commercial Bank.

The same will now happen with the mantra "Peevski's loans from BDB", only it will probably be years before the schemers give up this lie. Until then, unfortunately, we will be forced to tolerate the public circus of Munchausens like Petkov.