After DPS (Movement for rigths and freedom) representatives Mustafa Karadayi and Yordan Tsonev pointed out from the parliamentary platform that in fact the media monopolist in Bulgaria is Ivo Prokopiev, who manages Democratichna Bulgaria party (Democratic Bulgaria) behind the scenes, the head of The Capital Circle felt obliged to respond through „Dnevnik“ newspapper – his own "media", which over the years has become synonymous for manipulation.
Prokopiev, trying to cover up the scandal with empty words, brazenly explains and gives several examples, which he believes were emblematic of how „Dnevnik“ and „Capital“ defended the public interest in good faith, warning of huge embezzlement of public funds.

But people remember very well that the "white collar" from Razgrad thinks. They know how he got rich during Kostov's time and privatized "Kaolin" for pennies. That is why it is good to remind him – as well to his servants in politics and in the media, who actually is the "golden boy" of Ivan Kostov and "The Lamb's Heads Circle" and why exactly the examples he gives of "good faith" actually totally discredit his media as manipulative bats.

Prokopiev is a "democrat" only in words and only in front of the people. This is more than clear. The former privatizer was raised up in the spirit of communist totalitarianism, because his father Georgi Prokopiev was a captain of the UBO (former State Security organization) and manager of Todor Zhivkov's favorite hunting farm "Voden". This is the place where the communist leader spent time in the company of his comrades and guests and of course with the active participation of Prokopiev senior.

after the change of the national policy to democracy, Prokopiev, only 26 years old at the time, became a prominent "publisher", and subsequently, through a scheme for which he received an indictment from the prosecutor's office, privatized "Kaolin" for nothing. Over the years, his scams continued, and in that case the prosecutor's office prosecuted him again, and KPKONPI (Anti-Corruption Commission) imposed a record seizure of BGN 200 million on him. During all this time, the privatizer from Razgrad presented himself as a victim of arbitrariness, and demanding to him for responsibility for his actions are attempts for silencing the free speech of „Dnevnik“ and „Capital“ newspapers. In 2016, however, the Argo transcripts became public. They showed the way how Prokopiev engineered the creation of current political project "Democratichna Bulgaria" (Democratic Bulgaria), and his proteges Hristo Ivanov and Ivaylo Mirchev are now MPs and started "fight" for democracy. In addition, Boyko Borissov himself admitted years ago that Prokopiev had insidiously installed four ministers in his first Council of Ministers, thus formalizing his behind-the-scenes influence.

Now Prokopiev obviously feels offended because someone told him the truth right to the face, this time from the parliamentary platform. His excuses are so simple and unrelated to reality that they are easy to refute.

For example, Prokopiev was proud that his media had "investigated" the Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) in the period 2009-2015 and showed inadmissible concentration of state funds in the bank. They exposed the merger of other media with political, judicial and financial power. And the inadmissible financing of related parties and the risks for the depositors. And for the secondary looting of the bank's assets. But at the same time he is silent that after Tsvetan Vassilev`s runaway to Serbia and elude from justice, "Capital" and "Dnevnik" newspapers immediately turned away and began to lustrate both the financial pharaoh and his schemes with Malofeev and Louvrier. They give a platform to Vassilev's people - such as Emilian Gebrev, who tried in every way to steal assets from the bankruptcy of KTB.

The leader of The Capital Circle shows his enjoinment that his on-line media conducted "investigations" into the management of the Bulgarian Development Bank in the period 2016-2021. It is unknown why he misses the fact that all these things are in fact outright insults. It is well known fact that at this period Stoyan Mavrodiev manages the bank. Prokopiev still considers Mavrodiev as his own personal enemy, because in times when Mavrodiev headed the Financial Supervision Commission, this state body issued dozens of criminal acts against Prokopiev's companies. The Commission founded a striking violations and fines of hundreds of thousands of levs were imposed. Moreover, the FSC (Financial Supervision Commission) sends 7 signals to SANS (State Agency of National Security) and the prosecutor's office for these violations. It is close to the mind that the "investigations" of Prokopiev's media about BDB (Bulgarian Development Bank), which he now brags about, are in fact nothing but elementary revenge and pouring slop on Mavrodiev himself.

Now Hristo Ivanov, who together with Prokopiev was mentioned in the Argo transcripts, is trying to explain how democratic he was, how he would defend values and conduct investigations. Naturally, the victim will be the prosecutor's office and the specialized court, which for years sought responsibility from his friend Prokopiev.

If Ivanov pretends to be so "objective", instead of making active events on Thermal power stations and beaches, he must turn attention to Prokopiev himself. And to ask how, the state received just 170 thousand BGN for the privatization of "Kaolin" and the rest - in "compensatory instruments". Someone must do that because the "journalists" from "Capital" and "Dnevnik" newspapers have caught amnesia and "investigate" only the personal enemies of their owner. He must find out how the estimate prize of "Kaolin" was BGN 31 million, and when the company was sold to German Quartzwerke in 2013 the price turned out to be BGN 180 million. Ivanov have to inquire the privatization of Vinprom Damyanitsa by Filip Harmandzhiev - the closest partner of Ivo Prokopiev, who paid $60,000 and the rest was in "compensatory instruments". At the same time, Vinprom's warehouses had finished products for $4 million.

But Hristo Ivanov is not interested in these deals, nor in the privatization of BGA Balkan (former Bulgarian national airlines) for $150,000, Kremikovtzi metalworking company for $1, Neftochim (the largest oil refinery in the Balkans) for ridiculous money, given that this company alone cost billions (Serbian analogue, smaller than Neftochim, was sold for $1.2 billion) and nearly 3,000 other companies donated by the government of Ivan Kostov, to whom Atanas Atanasov, now also a "democratic" MP, was close friend.

So the next time Prokopiev must look at the mirror first and then to pretend to be offended because he must to explain who he is and what his "media" and his political projects are, and which state is "conquered". There he will see the man who has become a symbol of the behind-the-scenes policy, but he presents himself as "moral" and "honest".

Yes, the truth hurts! But it is right time not only to tell the truth, but also it is right time to stop deceiving society.