On Friday - the acting Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev, and on Monday - the MP from "Democratic Bulgaria" Ivo Mirchev, demonstrated serious knowledge of what is happening in the corridors of the US Treasury Department in Washington.

Without citing a source of information and with big arrogance Vassilev in the parliament, and Mirchev in an interview stated that soon the United States will announce more Bulgarian citizens who will be under sanctions under the global law "Magnitsky".

In fact, this information has been circulating public since the beginning of June, when the United States sanctioned six Bulgarian individuals and dozens of related companies. So far, however, there is no confirmation of new sanctions. This is what the newspaper Trud wrote in an analysis.

Speculating with the allegations of new sanctions under Magnitsky, Vassilev and Mirchev are trying to justify the absolutely illegal and unconstitutional decision of the caretaker government, under which the Bulgarian finance ministry announced its own "black list" of Bulgarian citizens and companies.

The unanimity in the words of the finance minister and the MP , of course, is not an accident. It clearly shows the key role of the oligarchic circle "Capital", on one hand, in the work of the caretaker government through the ministers of finance, economy, education, and on the other hand - on the activities of "Democratic Bulgaria" in parliament.

Using the topic for domestic political interests, Asen Vassilev and Ivo Mirchev, however, forget one important detail - they cause irreparable damage to the activities of official US government institutions.

The two are like elephants in the glass store of American diplomacy. An unwritten rule is that if someone allows himself to speak on behalf of a foreign country, he is either authorized to do so, or he is actually trying to manipulate society at the expense of the foreign institution. In any case, the ball is in the US Embassy in Bulgaria`s court, managed by Ambassador Hero Mustafa.

It is very important to clarify  - are Vassilev, Mirchev and the Capital circle the source, used by the US Treasury Department to compose the reports under the Magnitsky Act.

Because, if this is the case, then the reliability of the information is definitely subject to more serious doubts. If that is so, the logic shows that the  reasons for the United States sanctions against declared against six Bulgarians under "Magnitsky" act two and a half months ago should also be questioned. In fact, even then one of them - Delyan Peevski, announced that the false allegations against him are the product of Bulgarian sources.
The fact that Asen Vassilev and Ivo Mirchev take on the role of slanderers is unlikely to affect them. For them to manipulate foreign representatives for what is happening in our country or for their opponents, has long become a good way to ensure a high standard of living.

It would be good, however, if Mirchev clarifies why the next round of sanctions will be against people, who are close to GERB. Because, following the logic , these related persons might be Hristo Ivanov (Minister of Justice in the government of Boyko Borissov) and Ivo Prokopiev, for whom the GERB leader himself admitted lobbying for the appointment of ministers.

If the "reference points" with strictly confidential information distributed by Vassilev and Mirchev are confirmed, it will mean that a leak of information from the American embassy in our country has been allowed.

If they turn out to be a lie, it discredits the US authorities because they are used for blackmail and extortion of political opponents and economic competitors. That is why Her Excellency Hero Mustafa should be the most dissatisfied with the performances of Vassilev and Mirchev.