In a scandalous interview in "face to face" on BTV, and today in the parliament,  Hristo Ivanov, almost in a straightforward fashion admitted who are the ministers, who "Capital" has installed secretly in the interim government. As expected, the are Kiril Petkov, Asen Vassilev and Professor Nikolay Denkov, who enjoy the favor of the scandal businessman Prokopiev, whose media did since two months is promoting them not stop.

Petkov, Vassilev and Denkov - Capital`s Ministers in the Interim  Government

The member of the old communist family Boikkevi Hristo Ivanov, "The successful ministers" of the interim government should serve as a reference to the selection of proposals for the regular cabinet because ministers in a future government should be people who bring confidence with themselves and with theirs work and character Kiril Petkov, Asen Vassilev and Prof. Denkov generated "huge unprecedented public trust".

Thus, the yellobrick "ticks" from "Democratic Bulgaria" (as were called years ago by Boyko Borisov), and the Capital Circle again hope to propel his ministers in the government without winning the elections and without taking any political responsibilities for their actions. Thus, they have been  doing this for years because while they protested against GERB, the have ministers installed in every Government until now, including Hristo Ivanov himself as a justice minister.

In fact, for his two months on the post the man from Harvard Petkov and Vassilev created only several grandiose scandals and got involved the state in some suspicious transactions that totally discredited the reputation of Rumen Radev who is running for second presidential turn.

First Vassilev, whose personal firm turned out to have failed and costed its creditors in England more than 9 million pounds, appointed the bodybuildre Rumen Spetsov for Director of NRA (National Revenue Agency). Subsequently, it was found that Spetsov had sold his company to a shady person in order not to pay nearly one million levs in taxes.

In addition, after the announcement of " Magnitski" sanctions Vassilev was the main driving force in the so-called "Working" Group under the wing of the Council of Ministers, witch compiled the "blacklists" of related to Bozhkov, Peevski and Zhelyazkov businesses and people. Thanks to this list the state restricted without any legal basis the rights of dozens of ordinary people and businesses and therefore will have to pay big compensations to the affected after lawsuits in Strasbourg, which are certainly ahead.

The Dealer of Probiotics Kiril Petkov was no further than his friend Vassilev and and got him self mixed in a scandal even before to
take office. The Minister of Economy, under the pressure of "Capital", is fixating on the Bulgarian Development Bank and told that 8 of its Borrowers are  "doubtful", although their credits have been fully secured and paid regularly and the bank is earning tens of millions of levs only from interest.

"The only guilt" of these companies is that the are under attack from the media "Capital" and "Dnevnik" of Ivo Prokopiev. They have been writing for years manipulations and honest lies, and Petkov's actions are now nothing but an attempt to legitimize these insinuations.

While formally engaged in the public eye with BDB, Petkov managed to make several schemes, worthy of investigating by law enforcement. For example, the Minister noisily promotes a campaign to grant $ 2.5 billion fully unsecured credits guaranteed by state resource from the Fund of fund, but the private banks through which these funds will go do not even know what interest rates on credits will be.

Suspicion that this is done to provide fresh money for the startups close to Prokopiev, and only time will show who will take a big piece of the "government", distributed by Petkov on this scandalous fashion.

Apart from this, the Minister of Economy has attributed the merits to open an electric car factory in Bulgaria of a "big world producer" and the media of Prokopiev presented this as "the next miracle of God". When the euphoria passed, it turned out that the cars were morally obsolete, the company had no production at all and went bankrupt last year in Germany.

It is subsequently redeemed by a specially created company presented in Bulgaria as a "Dutch" investor, but a journalistic investigation showed that Albanian from Kosovo is hiding behind it, also Harvard graduate as Petkov and rich - alarm for the laundering of peacekeeping forces of the UN ... It is very clear that this Albanian "has noting to" with car production, but the most important thing is that the state in Petkovs face has already made a commitment to donate 34 million euros of peoples money.

Whether the party "There is such people" will succumb to Hristo Ivanov and his friends only time will tell, but at least for now TSP clearly shows that they will not allow twisting of hands. Especially for Asen Vassilev Toshko Yordanov said he has stolen intellectual property and is convicted by a London court for this theft and he should not be a minister.

One, however, is certain - the "Capital" circle will not give up to install his proteers in every government that rules Bulgaria. This way Prokopiev will always have his back guarder, managing his war against the prosecutor's office and his uncomfortable businesses and political opponents, and in addition - he will always have the opportunity to take big chunks from the big table of finances of the state.