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Backstage games

Backstage games

Heat in Serbia for Tsvetan Vassilev! US prosecutors again pursued his associate Konstantin Malofeev

They confiscated 5.4 million dollars from the Russian oligarch in the USA

01.12.2022 14:01 15174

Backstage games

Prokopiev with a new blow in Brussels against Bulgaria: All media in the mud, only "Capital" in white

The oligarch and media monopolist blackmails all the main players in the sector in front of EU - from newspapers to Tvs. Spreads a report full of lies and written by his wife

13.07.2022 13:13 15462

Backstage games

European magistrate, interrogated Vasil Bozhkov, on а report to Kiril Petkov and Boyko Rashkov on Friday evening

The least that can happen to Teodora Georgieva and Elena Popova is to be removed from their posts immediately

21.03.2022 12:27 47599

Backstage games

Peevski didn't hide the truth about Prokopiev

In our country, the “protection” of nature is absolutized to the extreme by grant NGOs, which kills in its infancy any good economic initiative

29.10.2021 15:32 23724

Backstage games

Mustafa Karadayi exposed Prokopiev as a media monopolist

The privatizer from Razgrad started explanatory mode, but people have not forgotten what he actualy did over the years

26.08.2021 15:48 18406

Backstage games

The heir of the communist nomenklature Ivo Prokopiev turns Bulgaria back to the gloomy times of the People's Court

Does Ivo Prokopiev manage the provisional government, Mr. President?

26.08.2021 11:20 14893

Backstage games

Kiril Petkov - how the "Capital" circle made its favorite boy a minister

The art of acrobatics for millions: from Harvard, through carrot juice and the Borisov 1 cabinet, to the founder of "Yes, Bulgaria", a protester and a man of President Radev

26.08.2021 10:30 29858

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